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Goku Goes to Crystal Tokyo
chapter 1
After Goku Defeat Omega Shenron and the Dragonballs were purified the eternal Dragon appeared and took Goku on a new Journey in another universe. As Shenron and Goku are traveling between time and space as Goku is resting with eyes close still have battle damage with his fight omega Shenron and sees “Shenron were we going” Shenron sees “to the sailor Universe” Goku opens his right slowly and sees “Sailor universe why” “Because they can use a hero like you Goku” Shenron replied. “The queen there can make you an adult agene” “really wow she most be really powerful” seed Goku “She is” Shenron replied they keep flying. 5 hours the reach Crystal Tokyo and Goku eyes widen “wow it so beautiful” Goku Seed “I never seen anything like and that coming from me that saying something my family and friends would love this place” saying Goku has a sad look on his face missing his loved ones.
Shenron dis
:iconherooflight:HeroOfLight 2 6
anouther Mewsagi gifty
Hero-(is on SSJ4 and is at Mewsagi’s apartment) this time I'm no goanna touch anything (sees the pic that he messed up) I hope Sag ant still mad at that (prays) (sits on her couch) do de do
Sagi-(comes back from work) hero this is a surprise
Hero-I was wondering if u would like get some coffee
Sagi-ok Hero
Hero- good
Sagi-(looks at pic to see if hero messed it up agene but sees hero got monkey fur on her couch)hero
Hero-what did I do
Sagi- only I’m aloud to shed…sit
Hero- (wamm!!!!)
Sagi-just kidding I just wanted a reason to tell u to sit
Hero-why me
Sagi-lets go hero
:iconherooflight:HeroOfLight 2 2
id by HeroOfLight id :iconherooflight:HeroOfLight 0 1 me agine 2 by HeroOfLight me agine 2 :iconherooflight:HeroOfLight 1 3
MZF Special preview
…..-remember me Daniel
Hero-I do
….-you’ve grown
Hero-what do u want Jorin
Jorin-what to do I always want to watch the world burn (laughs like a sicoe)
Hero-over my dead body
Jorin- I was hoping u would say
:iconherooflight:HeroOfLight 0 0
Going SSJ9 in Dark world
Sara-omg(is hold to her sput in the camber of sages)
(every who sence Energy in the reagural realm can seace heros Power level)
Hero-AAAAAAAAAAAAAA(is on SSJ9) u should be proud of ur self its rae o foe  to push this into battle
Villean-(claps his hands like Janemba)
Hero-u ack like a child but ur deadly(gose on the attack keep pun ches the villians stumic)die!!!(pucnhes him in the air then back on ground)hraaa!!!!(splits  thge villian in to)
:iconherooflight:HeroOfLight 0 4
gift for luna 26
Hero-luna im glad u nad vader had fun but im soory the ppl herast u if u wont ill can kill them
Luna-if u wont
Hero-(huggles Luna)i missed u Little Sister
Luna-(huggles back)i miss u to Big Brother
Hero-luna always rember i always hear for u and i love you very very much
Luna-and i love u to Hero
Hero-Luna and rember ill always be ur Big brother
Luna-(hold)and ill ways be u little Sister
Luna(nuzzles back)
:iconherooflight:HeroOfLight 0 2
sprout and hero at a bar
Hero-(is at a bar)beer please(is sitin next to sprout who having water)
Sprout-hey hero
Hero-hey sprout hows the grand kid
Sprout-good thanks for asking
Hero-(grins slightly ang drink his beer) good to hear man
Sprout-how the MZF
Hero-good and hows the SAA
Sprout-good I was think of stoping by the MZF bace latter
Sprout-u dont active today
Hero-i know i woke up like this
Hero-yea i know... anny who sprout i had dream are to orgenizeations became one
Hero-i know it was weird
Sprout-yea it dose
Sprout-i herd ur ganna be a grandpa to
Hero-i am ^__^ its a boy
Hero-thanks.....sometimes i wish we still had a o home planet to go to
Sprout-same hear
Hero-oh well earth is are new home planet now and some saiyan dont see that
Sprout-what do u mean
Hero-i mean there are Saiyan that still falow the old ways there forth i had to kill
Sprout-u killed so more of are race
Hero-they didnt give a shit every one of them try to blow up the palent ma
:iconherooflight:HeroOfLight 1 2
mewsagi late B-day present
Hero-hear sagi(it’s a giant b-day cake) I mad it my self enjoy(faints)
Sagi-thank you Hero (hugs him)
Hero-Sagi this took me forever to make that it took me so long
(The cake is two stories tall)
Hero-love yea master happy B-day
:iconherooflight:HeroOfLight 1 2
gift for Luna Darkgoddess
Hero-Luna (hug) how are u my sister
Luna-I’m good hero (hugs back)
Hero-I love u so mush Luna hear(gives her a Wii with LOZ TP)
Luna-O_O thank you hero so much
Hero-you are most welcome my little sister (nuzzles)I love u so much us so important to me
Luna-(nuzzles back) I love you to hero
:iconherooflight:HeroOfLight 0 2
anouther gift fo Mewsagi
Hero-(is at sagi apartment) hear u go sagi for you since u not like your self (it’s a key it a agreement) this stat u can ride the seahorse boat and u own it now
Sagi- thank you hero how did u get wonka to give it to me
(Flash back)
Hero-ok Wonka ill give u a billion dollars in rupies
Hero-now we can do this the easy way or the hard way (charges a Kai ball)
Wonka-ok ok
(out of falsh back)
Hero-it’s a secret
Hero-en joy sag
:iconherooflight:HeroOfLight 1 2
my block by HeroOfLight my block :iconherooflight:HeroOfLight 0 6 Me once agine by HeroOfLight Me once agine :iconherooflight:HeroOfLight 2 5 Me agine by HeroOfLight Me agine :iconherooflight:HeroOfLight 0 0
Jr and Teal on date
Junior-(is on human and is with teal walking threw the park) Teal I Love u so
Teal-(also on human) and I love u to Junior (there nuzzling)
Teal-Baby lets go into the woods
Teal-do u want me to say it
Junior-no (the go in the woods and turn in there true forms and then he Wrap his tail around Teals) I love u you so much (they kiss and then they continue to walk threw the woods)
:iconherooflight:HeroOfLight 0 0
hero at internship by HeroOfLight hero at internship :iconherooflight:HeroOfLight 3 6

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