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Anouser-last time Jon2 was the first one to Die and wa s ganna Dan but thanks to Zelda heas still alive its ben 2 days and The Z-Fighters r cripled and wit tou there leaders the Z-fighter need but were  r they ganna get finde ou to day

Zelda-we need something to level the playin field....(gets idea)or someonei no the tow Saiyans  whos can and will help


Zelda-ull see(get in the MZF epona)....:i no i felt them yesterday

(zelda gose warp 5head tword the space cloney Vagtiea)

Sagi-i guss im in charge

(they see on screen a monster ia attacking a villeg and Mack and Taki go to it)

Mack-hey ugly atKC SOME WHO ANT DEFECELESS so hig tail out of hear

Taki-we wish no resort to violence(the monter attack them)

Mack-i dont think he resort to violence...MASENKOHA(DMMMMM!!!!)

Taki-ok(holds the monster and macks a direct hit)alright(the beast surives)

Mack-what no way

(at the base)

Fed-what no going to help

Hero-f..fed sword

Fed-hu???(sees the master sword)but ill be puafied

Hero-no it wont the blade dose not purafi demons that r pure Take it my bro inlaw(Fedelta takes the Master Saword and nothing happens)

Fed-ur right

Hero-of course it my sword and ill put it on gust mode(dose so) now the sword will lisen to u


Yami-no ill go

Hero-no sis ill go be fore il let u go

Yami-....sit boy



(then taki and MAck come back)

Taki-this is imposbel

Zelda-no it ant

taki-ur back and how ant it

Zelda-cause who i brought everyone welcome out retiremnt

(everyone is confused)

Zelda-every one wlecome Goku son and Vagetia Seniror

(two men wit beards and ragey old clothing look realy realy week)

Taki-theas tro r the Grea Goku and vagitea

Goku-well i wonnt call us great

Vagetia-but we r Kakarot

zelda-and there r new leader till Jon2 is revied and Link is better

Shadow-but r they still as powerful

(they sart power ing and lready there past there decendents the stop and they make Hero and Fusion look like ifents)

Mack-ur defently Goku and Vagieta

Sagi-ur more power ful the hero and fusion pfff ur more power ful then Dontwo

Zelda-comander mack captin Mack get r two new leaders cleaed up

Goku-thas realy ant neserry we can clean r self(goku and vagitea  claena up by takeing showres and save and shave and the put on the old close wich who in museam)i can bealive this still fits

Vagetia-well did u expect(10 min later they look there old slefs)

Goku-ok were ready

Anouser-now that the great Saiyan Prince Vagitea and the earth Greatis Hero r now out of retiremnt and desied to join the Marder Z-fighters in this new thret will this be eanoph to defeat or will they still need Jon2 and Dan get back in action finde out next time on MZF
ok this is part 3
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August 31, 2006
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